Money is obtained instantaneously without having to go through paperwork. Contante also works successfully internationally. It is a financial entity, part of the group previously named Click Finance SL, which supports and includes other similar companies in the sector such as CreditoSI, or Lendon, in various parts of the world. It offers a new technology called Hal-Cash, which will be discussed below, as a method of thanking the loyalty of good customers, and that greatly facilitates the procedures of collecting the money. It also has several certificates and guarantees of security and customer satisfaction, which bring us a step closer to that is our choice.

What are the advantages of Content?

  • It is a 100% safe and reliable loan. Being part of the Spanish Association of Microcredit (AEMIP) ensures that ethical and responsible treatment is ensured.
  • You can access, as a new user, a loan worth up to 300 euros without interest, and return within 30 days, which is an opportunity more than appetizing as an advance of your salary.
  • It has a variety of contact forms
  • It is an international company, with proven experience in several countries of the globe in several continents.
  • The loan is made in 3 simple steps, which makes it quick and easy, so that everyone can access it without complications.
  • For clients, the loan can be up to € 1,000. Once you have proven your worth, you can be entitled to larger amounts, and very convenient payment systems, such as Hal-Cash.
  • It offers discounts to well-known customers.
  • It has live chat that will make the process more bearable and solve all the doubts you may have.
  • Easy, fast and safe. It uses SSL encryption systems that will allow all information to be encrypted and safe.

What requirements do you require to offer the loan?

  • Reside in Spain, and be in possession of a valid and current National Identity Document.
  • At the time you apply for the loan, you must be over 21 years of age.
  • Have a mobile phone and an email account, usual needs to share information, validate and certify necessary processes.
  • Have a debit card associated with the usual bank account of which you need to be the owner.
  • Have a job, or at least be able to demonstrate that money is entered through a regular form, such as by receiving payment for a rent, or a benefit.

What are the details of the loan?

What are the details of the loan?

  • Loans of up to € 300 for new clients, which will be returned in 30 days without interest.
  • The interest will depend on the amount and duration requested for the rest of the cases. These repayment terms may vary between 1 day, and 62.
  • At the time of expiration, an automatic debit card will be made on the customer’s debit card, and in that way the debt will be paid.
  • You can also return the money before the expiration date, thus saving the interests of the days not enjoyed

What do I do to return the borrowed amount?

What do I do to return the borrowed amount?

So that you can return the money without complications, contante offers you the following alternatives:

  • By default, contante will automatically discount the amount of the card you have linked.
  • It is possible to make the payment by bank transfer, or by an income at the window, but you must not forget that you have to notify in cash that you have made this type of payment, so that you do not have the amount of the card re-charged.
  • Another option is to make the payment directly from the contante website.

Is there anything else I need to know about Contante?

  • You can return the amount of the credit, in a time inferior to the established one initially, but you must know that it can bring two consequences:
    • On the one hand, you will only pay the commission for the days you have had the credit, which is positive and saves money.
    • On the other hand, it is possible that Contante may request a maximum commission of 0.50% of the amount returned in advance.
  • If you can not pay the installment on time, you should always notify as soon as possible and before the deadline is expired, to reach the best agreement with them, being the most advantageous for both parties. Then you can be in the following cases:
    • Informing in cash, you can count on an extension of 10, 15 or 30 days, which will involve an extra cost, but always lower than the payment for delay.
    • If you have not been able to pay the fee, and you have not reported it to extend the payment, you will face a commission for delay of 1% for each day of delay, to apply on the total. Also, if the delays accumulate, the days go by and you can not settle the debt, the chances of being included in files of defaulters will grow exponentially.
  • It has a high level of customer satisfaction according to the Ekomi guarantee, obtaining a score of 94% of the possible points.