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There are some cultures in the world who won’t have their pictures taken because they’re afraid it captures a piece of their soul.
I’d have to agree.

Not in a scary way that takes your soul from you, but a good portrait will connect you to the moment in time it was taken. It will capture the essence of the person. It will transcend distance and keep your loved ones with you always. It will surround you with love.

A great portrait does all that for you and it will also tell a story to every person that walks into your home and sees it. It will intrigue them, make them feel, and even if they don’t know the person in the picture, they’ll learn who they are. A great portrait is Art. And that’s what I create here at Erin’s Rays.

The Studio and Sessions

Erin’s Rays is a home based studio located on a 55 acre farm near Catawissa PA. The farm combined with another family property two miles away gives me a variety of session locations not available to anyone else – a bridge in the Enchanted Forrest – an antique stone wall – barns and farm buildings – a pond with a dock – if you’re feeling anything in a natural surrounding I’ve got you covered. There is also a small indoor studio space and professional meeting space where you’ll see samples of our products and view your images.

The studio is committed to a few things. Creating one of a kind fine art portraits for your home. That means no session is ever duplicated exactly. Each one is custom designed to reflect your personality, relationships, and your decor. The other is creating beautiful things that are environmentally friendly. Not everything that is environmentally friendly has to have that earthy-granola look. If you like that, great, but if you’re style is super modern, well, I have some eco-chic products for you as well. Personally I like to combine the two for that farmhouse glam or rustic luxe look. And, of course, I’m also committed to images that make your heart sing, that capture your story, and make you go ‘damn I look good!’.

Everything I do here is custom, the session, the collections, all that good stuff, because no two couples or seniors or families are the same. Because of that the ‘session’ actually breaks down into three times that we get together –

The Design Session where we talk about what you want for your images, how you plan on using them, what to wear, hair and make-up, where to go, and how to coordinate with the colors of your home. We like to do this at least 2-4 weeks before the capture session.

Then the Capture Session – that’s the actual photo-shoot (which is fun even for you guys! promise!). My sessions aren’t about just staring at the camera – we do some of the traditional shots but most of it is about you the person, couple, or family – who you are, what you love, what you want to be, how you interact, your relationship with each other, getting that emotion. It’s about staring in your own life story.

Because I’m committed to quality, not just of product and art, but also of your experience, I limit the number of sessions I take to be able to provide the kind of experience my clients deserve. That means 50 seniors, and 50 generations or pet in a year.
I generally book 4-6 weeks out, so if you’re looking for a specific time frame, don’t wait. Weekend dates are also limited, so if you’re going to need a weekend call or use that contact from above ASAP.

About two weeks after the Capture Session is the Session Premier – this is the fun part where you come see your images in a custom slideshow set to music. I feed you something yummy. I even show you what your images look like in your very own home. Plus you can get special pricing for this night only.