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I love being a bridesmaid. It’s an honor that I’ve had several times. As a bridesmaid my job is to make sure the bride has the best day possible – her fairytale day. Being a wedding photographer is a lot like being a bridesmaid; you’re with her through every moment of the day, but, instead of your focus being on ensuring each moment goes as planned, the focus is on capturing every moment and creating her fairytale storybook so she can relive the day forever.

Your wedding images will become a time machine just a few years down the road. Through the rest of your life they’ll take you back to the excitement, joy, and the abundance of love the surrounds you – to all those little details you worked hard one – to all the faces that journeyed to share your special day. To be able to capture the details that matter (the little relationship things that will never show up on a prefab list from a wedding magazine) your photographer has to get to know you as well as your bridesmaids know you, and that’s what I do.

Now let’s talk wedding coverage –

I’m sure you’ve seen a few different price lists either over the years helping friends plan their weddings or just since you started planning your own and it’s not very easy to know what you’re going to want or need, how to compare two photographers (which honestly is like comparing apples to oranges to limes, or star fruit…), or sometimes even what the heck we’re talking about (coffee table book, album, mounted, flush mount, what the heck is the difference?!) I’ve been on both sides of this equations as maid-of-honor/bridesmaid and photographer so I do things a little differently than most photographers in the area to make it easy on you (because seriously, do you need any extra complications while planning this wedding?)

How do I make it easy?

  • I have one coverage option- all day – no trying to figure out how many hours you need or scheduling your reception around when the photographer is going to be there. No worrying the photographer may double book that day with two short weddings and then something goes wrong and they are late. You get my smiling face from the time the finishing touches are put on your hair and makeup and you get in your dress straight through to capturing your guests busting a move on the dance floor. (you also get my assistant for all day)
  • You only pay for coverage before the wedding. You see your images after the wedding. You get your products after the wedding. With all the other expenses I think you should pay for that part after the wedding too.
  • You get an album credit – this is the one thing I think you must must must (must!) walk away from your wedding photographer with, so I gift you a credit for our base album. Most people do add on, once in a while some choose not to, either way you get your album.
  • You get a registry. Most of my couples have been living together and really don’t know what to put on their typical wedding registry BUT your guests really want to get you something they know you will love and cherish. So why not your wedding pictures? Albums, wall art, gift certificates – we’ll figure out what you might want and create your own registry so you don’t end up with 4 toasters, 3 blenders, and a partridge and a pear tree.
  • I do payment plans if you want. Some people like to pay it all at once. Some don’t. You choose.
  • I am a boutique studio – that means I value my clients like I do my friends, I’m here to answer questions or concerns, I give you the kind of customer service I’d expect myself (and I’m rather picky), I only take 20 weddings a year, so I actually know who you are and your story, and I have amazing products that are green and guaranteed (or to quote one of my clients “You don’t do crap”). It also means we book up quickly, so don’t wait.

There are other cool benefits of being an Erin’s Rays Bride, like special rates on our photo station and no session fees for other sessions (like family or an awesome Boudoir session for your Groom’s gift) you might need from now until your wedding – but I can give you more of that when we schedule the consultation because I’m sure you’re just at about information overload here. Consultations are awesome because you get to see and touch the products and ask questions in person (which is so much clearer 99% of the time than any other way)

Ready to schedule that consult? Call 814-591-5420 or use the contact from above.