Andhra Pradesh: CA Dropout Arrested for Cheating People Targeting ‘To Let’ Signs | Visakhapatnam News

VIZIANAGARAM: The Vizianagaram Police arrested a CA (Chartered Accountancy) course dropout, Kota Vijay Krishna, who went down the road of crime for money by adopting a unique modus operandi.
One-Town Police Station Inspector, Bendi Venkata Rao said Vijay Krishna, 28, is from Koppalapalem village in Bapatla district. Vijay Krishna is a CA dropout and due to family disputes he left his family and he toured parts of North Andhra Pradesh on a bicycle. The youngster chose a crime route for easy money to meet his needs.
Vijay Krishna noticed mobile phone numbers on “To Let” signs. Later, he called the numbers and pretended to be a family member and friend and asked them for money citing that he was in trouble.
Believing the words of Vijay Krishna, three people from Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts, transferred Rs 88,000 to an account. Later, they realized they had been cheated in May this year, Venkat Rao added.
Based on the victim’s complaint, the police led by Venkata Rao, Deputy Inspector V Ashok Kumar investigated the matter and got a small clue for further investigation.
Investigation revealed that the bank account belonged to a commissionaire, who receives 5-10% from Vijay Krishna on every deposit made into the account. Based on concrete clues, we caught the accused and recovered Rs57,000 from the accused.
Targeting To Let signs, Vijay called more than 1,000 people and the investigation is ongoing to clarify the number of victims in this particular case, Venkat Rao added. Police have called on people to be aware of new crime trends in the area.

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