Buffalo will soon be able to buy ‘Choose Love’ t-shirts

It was one of the worst weekends in Buffalo history, as a gunman opened fire on a Tops on Jefferson Avenue on Buffalo’s east side last Saturday.

10 people lost their lives and three others were injured in this senseless act that shook the community and made headlines across the country.

The Western New York community has been donating and volunteering since last weekend’s event and saw many notable people who visited the stage.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were in Buffalo on Tuesday. The president visited Jefferson Avenue, spoke with the families of the victims and first responders, before speaking at a press conference.

The entire Buffalo Bills team and staff were at Jefferson Ave. Wednesday, volunteering and serving food to the community. Many Sabers and Bandits players were also on stage.

Today, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in Buffalo to visit the site; with Bills and Sabers owners Terry and Kim Pegula, Bills alumni (Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith), plus Sabers alumni like Rob Ray, Patrick Kaleta and play-by-play man , Rick Jeanneret.

Bills players and coaches were seen wearing matching black t-shirts that read “choose love”.

PSE’s Michelle Girardi Z tells those looking to buy the shirts to “sit quietly”.

Girardi Z says not to buy replicas, which have been circulating since their debut yesterday with Bills, Sabers and Bandits players. The product would also not reach where it is intended to go.

More information should be coming soon.

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