Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group seeks billions in damages after filing lawsuit against Nielsen

After filing a lawsuit against McDonald’s in 2021, Byron Allen has filed yet another lawsuit.

According to Deadline, the media mogul’s companies, including Weather Group, Entertainment Studios Networks (ESN) and CF Entertainment, sued Nielsen. Allen Media Group claims the ratings company underestimated its viewership and was unreliable for Allen’s ESN networks, given their limited distribution.

“This lawsuit concerns Nielsen’s outdated, unreliable and flawed television ratings service, and the resulting harm to media companies that rely on Nielsen to sell advertising time,” the lawsuit explains, according to Deadline.

In addition to its alleged inaccuracy, ESN also claimed that Nielsen did not tell ESN the truth about its rating services, which the company would have already known.

“Nielsen did not tell Entertainment Studios the truth – that in fact, its ratings services were unreliable for networks like those owned by Entertainment Studios,” the lawsuit details.

In the civil lawsuit, Byron Allen is claiming billions of dollars in damages.

Byron Allen shares a statement:

“The industry has suffered billions of dollars in losses and we can no longer afford this damage. Nielsen must quickly resolve these issues. Otherwise, I expect Nielsen to soon face a class action lawsuit worth more than $10 billion.

Former Nielsen trial

In April 2020, AfroTech previously reported that Allen’s company, CF Entertainment, filed a lawsuit against Nielsen for “predatory pricing” after he increased his monthly rating fees to more than $475,000 per month, breaking their original contract.

“This payment, like every one he has made to Nielsen since April 2018, was actually a ransom that CF Entertainment had to pay to keep The Weather Channel on the air,” wrote CF attorney Sean Berkowitz. in the trial. “CF Entertainment will no longer be held hostage, nor will it stand idly by and accept Nielsen’s extortionate conduct.”

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