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CBSE Class 12 Trade Readiness Tips

New Delhi:

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) started Semester 2 exams today, April 26. Students due to take the 12th class Commerce Stream exams should worry about what to focus on during this time and what to expect from the CBSE second semester exams. Subject matter experts and teachers of CBSE Class 12 subjects, including math, accounting and business studies, provided advice and areas to focus on during the final stage of preparation.

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The second semester CBSE exams take place on 50% of the reduced syllabus. According to the CBSE exam model, the question papers for Term 2 will have both objective and subjective questions – case-based, situation-based, open-ended short and long answer type questions. Semester 2 exams will take place over a period of two hours.

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CBSE Class 12 Mathematics

According to Vikas Gupta, a teacher at Silverline Prestige School, Ghaziabad, students during their final stage of preparation should have a complete understanding of the math paper model.

Long questions (5-6 points), adds Gupta, which are the most dreaded aspect of an article, usually come from one of the following sections:

  • The calculation, which has a huge weight of 44%, and can really score points
  • Compound Differential Equations Application-Based Difficult Questions
  • Vectors and 3D geometry carry the second highest weighting of 17%

Matrix multiplication, properties of inverse trigonometric functions, and applying derivatives are the topics the teacher says they focus on.

CBSE Class 12 Accounting Term 2

Rajan Dutta, a teacher at Silverline Prestige School, Ghaziabad asked the students to focus on topics such as share capital and debenture accounting, partnership company accounting, and analysis of financial statements and cash flow statements. Treasury.

CBSE Term 2 Business Studies

To achieve good results in the business studies article, Shruti Bhasin, a teacher at Silverline Prestige School in Ghaziabad, asked the students to include headings, subheadings and bullet points. During the last stage of the preparation, the students are invited to practice the documents of the previous year. “Answering questions requires higher-order knowledge and skills, reading as many case studies as possible, and evaluating concepts,” adds Ms. Bhasin.

“Substantial practice of previous year questions and sample papers can help boost morale for the exam. 5 Case-based questions for each chapter should also be practiced by students to determine their level of understanding because that is where there is a tendency to lose points,” said Sanjana Bhalla, Professor of Business Studies, MRG School, Rohini.

“Topics that are scored such as control, consumer protection, staffing and management should be prepared first as they make up around 60% of the questions and will help build trust. Thorough reading of the text is also an important tool to achieve a perfect score of 100,” adds Ms. Bhalla.

CBSE Class 12 Economy

CBSE Class 12 Economics will take place on May 28. Anupam Agnihotri, a teacher at Silverline Prestige School, Ghaziabad, asked the students to focus more on topics such as national income accounting, money and banking, and open economy macroeconomics. While Micky Josun, PGT Economics, Gillco International School said that all subjects for both macroeconomics and Indian economic development are important from the perspective of the exam.

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