Ducab participates in Middle East Energy

What innovative products does Ducab offer and how does the organization strive to provide more sustainable energy solutions?

The Ducab Group has recently solidified its goal of providing “energy for change” as a leading provider of world-class solutions for the global energy sector. In particular, Ducab is putting more emphasis on sustainable energy to drive its growth and international expansion. This strategic realignment comes at a time when the renewable energy sector is growing faster than ever, with the world focusing on mitigating climate change through decarbonization.

Our business units operate to the highest international standards accredited by leading global organizations, offering specialist solutions in areas such as solar, nuclear and wind energy, among others. Across these portfolios, we offer the most innovative and sustainable energy solutions available on the market today, all proudly developed in the United Arab Emirates. We champion these “Made in the Emirates” products in the Gulf and across Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and the Americas in 45 global markets.

In addition to energy and utility projects, we also pride ourselves on building iconic infrastructure, supporting Expo 2020 Dubai, the UAE Museum of the Future and many other landmark projects.

Our commitment to developing tailored solutions aligns with the broader economic vision of the UAE and the Operation 300 billion national industrial strategy.

How is Ducab working to remain as competitive as possible in the global energy solutions market?

As the global energy revolution continues into 2022, we believe our choices in materials selection, technology deployment and talent development will positively shape the future of the energy sector. In addition, we have developed a culture of innovation as well as exceptional R&D capabilities within Ducab. These capabilities are applied to drive operational excellence, exceptional customer service and new product development. Advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and other Manufacturing 4.0 technologies continue to be at the forefront of our strategy, benefiting both our business and our customers.

Additionally, we are moving from a simple supplier of wires and cables to a provider of more holistic energy solutions. We do this because we see how our customers’ needs are changing. We meet these demands with integrated solutions and deliver turnkey projects in the Middle East and beyond.

We have already filled the gaps in the global market with our strong distribution network, which has helped strengthen our position as a company. We have a positive outlook for the year and see opportunities for our business to grow as regional and global energy landscapes transform.

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