Former Jury’s Inn hotel security guard wins £2,325 award from Employment Tribunal

A FORMER security guard working in Swindon has won a judgment totaling £2,325 after taking a Cornwall firm to an employment tribunal.

Merkel Dioneza, of Gandy Way, Devizes, won the judgment against Camborne-based private security company WillSecure Ltd.

The company operates a private security service for clients in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire.

This includes the Jury’s Inn hotel in Swindon, which was used by the government to house refugees from Afghanistan.

Mr Dioneza worked for the company for three months from May 2021 to July 2021 before deciding to leave.

He was employed as a security guard working 12-hour shifts from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. six days a week at the hotel.

“We worked 72 hours a week, earning £10 an hour,” said Mr Dioneza, 28, who arrived in the UK from the Philippines in 2009.

“But I found that the deductions from my pay amounted to about 2.5 days a week and I wasn’t getting any paid time off.”

He decided to take WillSecure Ltd to an employment tribunal. The company was given six months to settle its claims, but did not respond.

In his ruling, Labor Court Judge NJ Roper said Mr Dioneza’s claim for unlawful wage deductions was successful.

He ordered WillSecure Ltd to pay Mr Dioneza 144 hours wages totaling £1,440 gross, plus a further £885 for his claim of 88.5 hours accrued but unpaid paid leave.

Mr Dioneza won judgment from an employment tribunal in Plymouth on October 20. He was confirmed by the Bristol Civil and Family Justice Center in Bristol on October 25.

It is understood that Kevin Luke Wills, the sole director of WillSecure Ltd, did not provide a valid answer in court.

Mr. Dioneza says he has not yet been paid his debts.

When people contact the company, WillSecure Ltd asks them to enroll in the Pay-As-You-Earn scheme or as a self-employed person.

Many of Willsecure’s security staff are believed to be paid as independent traders through a Penzance accountancy firm called First Payroll Services.

The company provides them with a PAYE payroll service for their salaries and payslips for a monthly fee and a separate administrative fee.

Mr Dioneza claims he ended up paying £80-90 a week in fees to the accounting firm.

He added: ‘This tax is apart from income tax and national insurance.

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