Ghana: “Squatters and abandoned heavy machinery in Ogbojo market must give way”

The executive committee of the municipal assembly of Adentan has urged the assembly to remove all squatters and abandoned heavy vehicles from the Ogbojo market area.

The move, the committee explained, would help prevent criminals from using the area as a hiding place to ensure the safety of traders and their customers.

This was in a report submitted to the House during the 2nd Ordinary Meeting of the 3rd Session of the 4th Assembly on Monday at Adentan in Accra.

The committee chaired by the presiding member (PM) of the assembly, Joseph OdaiBoye, was set up in January this year to critically examine the issues raised at the last meeting of the assembly with a view to finding a solution to the start-up problems faced by certain electoral areas of the municipality.

The report which was read by the City Manager, Mr. Alexander Daniel Nii-Noi Adumuah, to the members also instructed the assembly to urgently acquire more office space for staff to ease the congestion currently encountered by some departments.

He also instructed the assembly to clear the New Legon area of ​​all lotto kiosks which were quickly becoming living quarters for some welders who worked there, to avoid the dumping of solid and liquid waste, as the area had no convenient public place.

The committee also recommended the cessation of all human and other activities around the gas station near Lotto Kiosk in New Legon, in order to avoid any disaster in the area, and also to ensure that the station owner -service finds a solution to the erosion that had affected the station’s enclosing wall.

He urged the assembly to implore the Coastal Development Authority (CODA) to bring the contractor back to the Accountancy road project site and also ensure that ECG Dodowa removes the high voltage poles scattered around the project site Accountancy.

The report recommended the manager of the Golden Crystal Hotel, which was developing an event center on a storm sewer in Adiringanor, to stop work and remove building materials from the area or ask the assembly to do so for him.

The committee has urged the assembly’s sanitation task force to clear traders selling opposite Fidelity Bank along the Dodowa-Adentan section of the road as the owner is responsible for the frontage of his property .

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