Haverhill, MA Auto Dealer Sued for Alleged Price Discrimination – NBC Boston

A lawsuit has been filed by the state attorney general’s office against a car dealership in Haverhill, Massachusetts, alleging that it charges black and Hispanic customers hundreds of dollars more for add-ons than it does. had done for “similarly situated” white customers.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced in a news release Monday that her office is suing Jaffarian Volvo Toyota with a lawsuit filed in Essex Superior Court. Healey’s office alleges the dealership engaged in “unfair, deceptive, and discriminatory pricing practices against black and Hispanic customers” when selling them complimentary products such as paint protection, GAP insurance and remote starters.

“Purchasing a vehicle is already a major financial decision for many families and individuals,” AG Healey said in a press release. “The last thing they should worry about is unfairly paying more for a product because of their race or national origin.”

The compliant alleges that the dealership gave its staff “full discretion to mark up the prices of complementary products” and claims that sales history shows that the dealership appears to charge black and Hispanic customers, on average, $500 and $400 extra for additions. respectively, that he did “white clients in a similar situation”.

According to the attorney general’s office, the alleged discriminatory sales practice generated more than $170,000 in profits over a two-year period.

The AG’s office also claims that Jaffarian failed to provide training or supervision to prevent price discrimination. Massachusetts prosecutors say the dealership violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act and the Public Accommodations Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color and national origin in public places.

It was not immediately clear whether the dealer had obtained an attorney to respond to the allegations by the state attorney general’s office.

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