India’s Central Building Roof, Says Sitharaman | Pune News

Pune: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Friday her government was building “the roof” of India, backed by pillars of green energy, infrastructure, as well as health and education. education. She underlined that the Center and the States must work closely together to build these pillars.
“We are building the roof of our country, which will be supported by three main pillars. The first will be the transition to green energy, the second is to invest in the kind of infrastructure that India needs, whether it is soft or hard infrastructure, and the third is the health and education, including investments in primary and secondary education and integrating digital approaches to healthcare, among other measures. These pillars must be anchored in the states, which is why the Center and the states working together are essential,” said the Minister of Finance during the farewell session of the Asian Economic Dialogue 2022.
She also expressed concern about the way urbanization was taking place in India, calling its success “uneven”. “One of the areas of stress I see is urbanization, which has had uneven success in India. More facilities are needed for people in both urban and rural areas. Urbanization needs to be planned and organized, with more thoughtful and in an eco-friendly way,” she said.
The virtual panel also included Vijay Kelkar, the economist and vice president of the Pune International Center, and scientist Raghunath Mashelkar.
Sitharaman’s speech, organizers said, focused on India’s recovery in a post-pandemic world, which she called a “challenge” and an ongoing process of finding solutions. She said India was also playing a global role in the recovery process, including providing humanitarian aid to now Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, as well as distributing Covid-19 vaccines to many countries, which were made in India.
“Our success in vaccines is due to decades of investment in the pharmaceutical industry. However, due to predatory pricing from some countries, some capacity has evaporated,” she said.

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