Letter to the Editor: Thank Nurses, Doctors With Loan Discount

Everywhere you go there are signs: “Thank you to our healthcare workers”, “Heroes work here” and “We love our nurses”. On radio, newscasters incorporate “thanks” and social media is teeming with appreciation.

Gratitude breathes in our small towns in Maine, and it is powerful. However, I am writing this contribution today because while the “thanks” are beautiful and much needed, they are not enough. Our healthcare workers need protective equipment and supplies, and they need student loan forgiveness, too.

My sister graduated from the University of Maine in December with her amazing class. The class graduated with pride, ready to give and take care, and they also graduated with considerable student loan debt. They are now working hard in our local hospitals to protect our families, to keep us safe. We owe it to them to express our “thank you” by doing. It can mean a lot of things. It could mean making a phone call to our senators and asking them to ask the federal government to cancel the student loan for our heroes. We have to “thank you” by doing.

The other day i looked a video of two health workers in Spain dancing (in PPE) with a patient with COVID-19. They danced slowly, they danced hard, they danced care, they danced love, together. Our healthcare workers need us as much as we need them. So thank them, by doing.

Please call your senators today to ask the federal government to write off student loan debt for our nurses and doctors!

Therese Farrell

Blue Hill

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