MTFX Facilitates Substantial Savings on Overseas Real Estate Transactions

MTFX – Global Payment Solution

Launched a cost-effective service that helps Canadians buying or investing in real estate abroad save thousands of dollars on overseas property purchases.

MTFX is giving new meaning to the phrase “rates above the banks,” with rates 3-5% lower than the banks. »

— MTFX Group Inc.

MARKHAM, ONTARIO, CANADA, Aug. 25, 2022 / — MTFX, a leading foreign exchange provider with global headquarters in Canada, is pleased to announce its cost-effective service that helps Canadians buy or invest in overseas property to save thousands of dollars in overseas property purchases. The currency specialist gives new meaning to the term “bank-beating rates”, with rates 3-5% lower than those of the banks.

This means buyers will maximize the amount they invest when sending money overseas to pay for properties. MTFX further defines the concept of value-added service with low transfer fees, expert advice, fast execution times, risk management tools and an easily accessible 24/7 online platform. /7.

Although many people used to turn to their bank for international transfers, they can now get better value for money by relying on currency specialists. Banks are notorious for offering less than competitive exchange rates with expensive transfer or service fees on top. This shows that there has always been a need for international payment specialists who only focus on the foreign exchange market and offer a more competitive service.

MTFX has stepped in, which is good news for overseas property buyers, especially since one of the common reasons people send money overseas is to buy property and pay it back. mortgages.

“We offer fantastic savings through competitive exchange rates and low conversion costs,” Vice President Niki Ho said. “We buy currencies on the open market, our exchange rate is based on the rate of the interbank market and we handle large volumes of currency exchanges. All this allows us to pass the

savings to our customers, who get a better offer than what they would receive from the bank. Remember that real estate transactions involve large sums of money. So when you factor in our rates, which are 3-5% lower than the banks, our clients can save thousands of dollars when paying for overseas properties. It is not to be despised. To make real estate transactions more profitable than ever, the MTFX service includes:

Online currency platform with great rates and low transfer fees
Multi-currency accounts that eliminate the cost of opening and managing foreign bank accounts
Live exchange rates and rate calculators to ensure transparency and eliminate surprises
Exchange rate alerts to help you lock in your desired rate
Forex experts who offer valuable market insights

To start paying for your overseas property through MTFX, please visit

About MTFX Group:

MTFX is dedicated to understanding how the markets work and providing a 24/7 online platform where people can send money overseas efficiently and profitably. As a leading provider of global FX and payment solutions, MTFX leverages superior technology and solid experience to add more value to anyone interested in international investing. The service has grown by leaps and bounds since 1996 and has remained true to its mission of offering fast, convenient and secure international money transfers at transparent and competitive exchange rates. You can find more information about MTFX at

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