Napier Continuum improves financial crime risk management for businesses

Napier has launched a new financial crime risk management platform that provides automation while improving the efficiency and accuracy of financial crime compliance programs for regulated organizations of all maturity levels.

Napier is reinventing financial crime risk management (FCRM) technology with its scalable and flexible platform, Napier Continuum. It is the first end-to-end AI-enhanced platform purpose-built for modern financial markets by optimizing current risk operations while seamlessly scaling as organizations manage new, unknown future risks. .

With advanced AI and automation built into the entire platform, supported by low-code/no-code rules and sandbox environments, organizations can respond to changing threats and regulations with a faster decision-making and improved accuracy in investigations.

Leveraging next-generation technologies, Napier Continuum delivers a dynamic and holistic view of financial crime risk while improving operational efficiency and lowering total cost of ownership.

Continuum provides access to Napier’s full suite of financial crime compliance products, including (p)CRA perpetual client risk assessment, transaction monitoring, screening and risk assessment tools. risks, with full STP for third-party and proprietary applications such as AML, KYC, Fraud and CRM systems.

Will Monk, Chief Product Officer at Napier, whose 20 years of experience with companies such as NatWest, HSBC and Barclays has helped shape the platform, said: “Understanding the key challenges faced by financial institutions To streamline financial crime compliance operations, we invested in a unified AI-enhanced solution with exceptional levels of automation to help more effectively detect suspicious behavior and support threat risk monitoring. compliance throughout the customer lifecycle.

There is no need to “remove and replace” existing solutions, as customers will have the option to deploy Napier Continuum as an end-to-end platform, point solution or as an aggregation layer to complement existing systems.

Napier Continuum can also be deployed in any cloud environment as a fully managed SaaS, or on premise to a customer’s specifications.

Napier Continuum also provides continuous risk assessment capabilities through (p)CRA, its dynamic risk assessment suite, which enables automated continuous review of all risk factors throughout the customer lifecycle.

“Criminals continually adapt their methods in response to technological innovations, but financial crime risk management solutions have been slow to catch up,” said Greg Watson, CEO of Napier.

“That’s why we are extremely proud to launch Napier Continuum. With features such as (p)CRA and high levels of automation, it is a superior solution that organizations can adapt to their business and regulatory requirements while intercepting ever-evolving financial crime threats,” Watson added.

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