OPA: 9 of the 52 NMI cards inactive | News

NINE of the 52 CNMI government boards and commissions are considered inactive, according to a report by the Office of the Public Auditor.

The OPA said it had compiled a comprehensive list of boards and commissions “to monitor and ensure compliance with the filing of the declaration of financial interest and the submission of a citizen-centered report”.

The list came from the Office of the Special Assistant to the Governor for Programs and Legislative Review as well as the offices of the mayors of Tinian and Rota.

The OPA said that as of September 30, 2021, there are a total of 52 councils and commissions in the CNMI government, with a total of 430 members. Of these 52 councils, nine were considered inactive. Of the 43 active councils and commissions, 30 provide their members with some form of remuneration with certain restrictions; 22 require the confirmation of the Senate or the legislative delegation of the senatorial district concerned; one requires the election of members; and the others are appointed by the governor.

The OPA said the inactive councils and commissions are the Advisory Commission on the Remuneration of Commonwealth Executive, Legislative and Judicial Officers, which is supposed to have five members; the Advisory Council on Aging and Disability, seven members; the CNMI Accounting Council, five members; the Commonwealth Free Trade Zone Authority Board, nine members; the board of directors of the credit union, five members; the board of directors of the pension fund, seven members; the Fellowship Advisory Board, five members; the Council of Violent Sexual Predators, 10 members; and the Tinian Cockfight Board, three members.

The OPA said that under 1 CMC §§ 2311, 2901, 8511 and 8514, council and commission members are required to file specific documents with the Legislative Assembly or the OPA. The Secretary of Finance and the OPA have also designated legal requirements to help ensure compliance with certain requirements.

In addition, pursuant to the Open Government Act, 1 CMC §§ 9901-9918, all meetings of public boards and commissions must be open to the public with certain narrow exceptions and all public records must be available for inspection upon request.

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