Oxford school principal suspends retirement after filming


His last day was scheduled for January 21, 2022, but Oxford School District Superintendent Timothy Throne is stepping back from retirement in lieu of the Oxford High School tragedy.

Throne, who has stepped down as superintendent since 2015, said on Monday he would delay his retirement and stay with the district as he worked on healing and reconstruction after a mass shooting that claimed the lives of 4 students. In a letter posted on the district’s website, Throne explained his decision.

“Over the past few days, I have discussed my planned retirement with my family, pastor and board and made the decision to take a break from my planned retirement to avoid adding uncertainty or disruption. extra to our school community, which has suffered so much, “he wrote. “I remain solely focused on responding to this tragedy and I am committed to ensuring that our students, families and staff are fully supported during this difficult time for our community. Now is just not the right time. for me to leave “.

Throne also acknowledged the outpouring of support, prayers and encouragement from the people of Oxford, our state and around the world and thanked. He went on to say that he would work with the district to not only help the healing process for students, staff and the community, but would help find his replacement.

Throne, whose four-year contract is due to expire on December 22, 2022, has been named as one of many defendants in a $ 100 million lawsuit filed by two of the survivors of the Oxford High School shooting on November 30, 2021 The lawsuit accuses school officials of failing to stop an attack that inflicted physical and psychological injuries on students, according to reports.

Thorne announced his retirement at the start of the new school year and the district began its search for a new leader in October. According to the Detroit News, his base salary is $ 206,811.

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