Park and center for the elderly, potential economic development projects on the agenda for January 4


Pacific Park and Seniors Center projects as well as potential economic development projects are among the topics on the Sulfur Springs City Council’s agenda on Jan. 4.

City council will first meet at 6:30 p.m. in executive session to consult with a lawyer, discuss real estate issues and consider two economic development projects: one for D6 Inc. and one for a project described only as Project Superman. Thereafter, City Council will return to the Council Chamber on the first floor of the Sulfur Springs Municipal Building (Town Hall) at 7:00 p.m. for the regular open portion of the meeting. Any action on advanced items from the closed session would be presented to the regular meeting.

Sulfur Springs Municipal Building Entrance from Connally Street

Reinvestment zone

One of the regular agenda items includes an ordinance that would establish a reinvestment area for D6 Inc. for a multi-year expansion project, which would move the company’s headquarters from Oregon to Sulfur Springs, in Texas, and would include a 300,000 square foot expansion land.

The planned project is a $ 21 million capital investment that will create 231 new jobs, Governor Greg Abbott announced on October 15. .

D6 Inc. has only been in business in Sulfur Springs for about a year, having opened a factory inside the former Coca-Cola buildings in late 2020 to better serve a business in Paris, Texas.

At least three tax entities last year approved incentives to D6 for the initial investment of $ 6 million, which included an immediate 25,000-square-foot extension of the building, and plans to expand within 18 months.

Installation of Sulfur Springs by D6 Inc

Now, local authorities are once again urged to consider approving additional tax incentives for D6 for investment which is expected to create at least 231 jobs, which is expected to have a significant positive impact on the economy of the North East. Texas. Some people will move with the company to Texas. The rest will be hired locally as needed.

Approval of the reinvestment area will allow the city, county and hospital district to also consider tax incentives for the planned expansion of D6.

Overall, the company is expected to expand the current operation by 300,000 square feet, with a 180,000 square foot building to be built as soon as the company can put everything in place and another building extension of 120,000. square feet in three years. . The new buildings will be located near the Saputo property (formerly We Pack) just across the highway from the current facility, on EDC’s 10 acres near the railroad tracks, according to the executive director of Sulfur Springs. Hopkins County Economic Development Corporation, Roger Feagley. .

Request for rezoning

At the January 4 meeting, Sulfur Springs City Council was also asked to consider a request from John Heilman to rezone a 0.97 acre property located at 1381 West Industrial Drive from the Heavy Commercial Zone to the Zone light industrial.

Heilman owns this property and another related to it. This would make it both light industrial, which would allow it to resell it together for possible future businesses. He explained to the Planning and Zoning Commission earlier this month that he had been approached by representatives of a few companies interested in the property, including one for a water park like the one in Canton and a travel center. , which would offer diesel, but at this point it is not proposed to offer overnight parking for large rigs.

The proposed ordinance to change the zoning of the property is forwarded to City Council on the recommendation of the Zoning Board and City staff, who reviewed the application and found the zoning to be zoned along this corridor.

Park, Center for the elderly

Resolution # 1284 will be presented for discussion and consideration by City Council; this is a grant from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for the Senior Citizens Center.

A public hearing is also scheduled for 5 p.m. on January 11, 2022 at City Hall for anyone wishing to comment on a community development grant – Community Resilience Program Against the Coronavirus to be submitted to the Ministry of Housing and Services. Texas Community Affairs. to apply for funding to help build a new seniors’ activity center.

Work continues on the Pacific Park fitness field this week.

The agenda also includes two items that would move the Pacific Park improvement projects forward. The agenda for January 4 includes: discussion of the offers and the possible award of a contract for the supply of concrete for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department grant project, and the purchase of toilets through a Sourcewell Contract.


A resolution hiring a consultant to locate existing and future fire stations required based on current city limits is also scheduled for discussion and review.

The city has undergone continuous development and expansion, and the consultant would consider, based on this and potential future growth, the best locations for the city’s fire departments, either by maximizing current resources, or if an additional station would be necessary. The consultant’s recommendation would take into account the desire to maintain the city’s current ISO rating while fully and properly providing sufficient fire services.

Other elements

Last month, city council authorized the city manager to sign the documents needed for an agricultural license agreement for the former Thermo / Luminant mine property. On January 4, 2022, city council will be asked to consider approving four agricultural license agreements for the former mining property and allowing Marc Maxwell to sign those documents as well.

The consent agenda includes minutes from previous council and city council meetings as well as a request for agreement 380.


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