Scott Street Blaze lights up the night as firefighters respond


Early Saturday evening, the Town of Missoula Fire Department was dispatched to a structure fire just under the Scott Street Bridge where smoke and flames were visible from two buildings and several vehicles.

The KGVO spoke with new Missoula City Fire Chief Gordy Hughes, who described the response.

“Shortly before 5:00 pm Saturday, our teams responded to the case under the Scott Street Bridge,” said Chief Hughes. “They do wood crafts and wood milling there. The teams, upon arrival, found a hangar structure well involved and part of the main commercial building also involved in the fire.

Hughes said once fire crews gained access to fire hydrants in the area, the blaze was put out fairly quickly.

“Our crews were very well ravaged by this fire after finally securing a water supply and preventing the fire from entering the business and causing substantial damage.” It took about 15 minutes to half an hour to complete. completely extinguish the fire and of course they were ready to relight everything and do a review for the fire investigators so they could find out the origin and cause of this fire. “

The reason it took longer to secure the hydrants was because they were completely covered due to heavy snow in the area, prompting Chief Hughes to plead.

“I would like to take the opportunity to throw a catch there,” he said. “With the snow we had and the buildup around our fire hydrants. It was a little difficult for our guys to establish the water supply. So I would ask people if they could help us the best they can if they have a fire hydrant in front of their house, if they could just shovel them and clean those hydrants, that would help us tremendously.

Hughes is asking residents to clear a space of four feet around any fire hydrant near their professional home.

The fire department said property damage to the business and vehicles amounted to approximately $ 250,000 and property saved totaled approximately $ 400,000.

No injuries were reported from the fire.

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