soni: Fake directors: Roc Files complaint | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: A deputy clerk of the Registrar of Companies has filed a complaint against Pranav Soni, a resident of Satellite, for cheating (IPC 420), breach of trust (IPC 406) and forgery of accounts (IPC 477 (A)).
Deputy Registrar Neelambuj Sahai, in his complaint to Naranpura Police, said during an investigation that he realized that some Chinese directors were involved in money laundering with the help of some. Indian directors and visa facilitators.
He said some companies have been operating in India without disclosing their sources of income and have not paid any income tax for two years. He said it was also revealed that these companies are reducing their tax burden by submitting falsified books of accounts and expense reports.
Sahai said it was known that some accounting firms were helping these companies set up and have their documentation prepared.
These companies would initially have Indian directors on the board. They would then resign and be replaced by Chinese directors. These Chinese directors were involved in money laundering.
He said central agencies informed the ROC here that they had obtained several statements from people who admitted to being such fictitious directors. These fictitious directors obtained benefits for the use of their names.
He said it was revealed that Ting Liang Cheng, who held a B1 visa, was not allowed to work in India, but despite this, he was introduced as a director of FCS Machinery India, located in Vasna.
Two other directors, Chun Chieh Wang and Chun Hsien Wang, were facilitated by Pranav Soni by giving his TIN number and making a request to the Ministry of Enterprise Affairs (MCA). Soni is director of Jevang Logistics and Trade and Marco Sky Technologies.
It was revealed that the company of which Soni was a director was established on the same day that FCS was founded.

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