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In a recent article on the Aitkin County Economic Development Committee, Age said it was a county committee.

Aitkin Chamber of Commerce executive director Taylor Erickson wasted no time in setting the record straight.

“The meeting took place in the county and Aitkin County Economic Development Coordinator Mark Jeffers is the new chair of the committee, so it’s a completely understandable assumption,” she said.

The Aitkin Chamber of Commerce (chamber) is made up of paying businesses in Aitkin County.

“You become a member of the chamber by paying your annual membership fee. All committees are open to people who represent a member, ”said Erickson.

Taylor Erickson, Kari Paulsen, Lynne Jacobs, Cindy Chuhanic, Chad Gross, Kathleen Ryan, Mike Skrbich, Stacy Cluff, Mary Aulie, Dan Stifter, Stan Gustafson, Tami Jacobs and Mark Jeffers (Chair) are the current members of Economic Development for the bedroom. Committee.

“The mission of the Economic Development Committee is to showcase the many attributes that the town of Aitkin and its surroundings have to offer. We are committed to helping create economic development opportunities through the growth, expansion, retention and attraction of businesses by working in partnership to develop a climate conducive to sustaining the quality of life in the city of Aitkin and its surroundings. We are committed to creating a more vibrant and cultured community by:

• Serve as an intermediary between the commercial economic interests of Aitkin and the municipal government;

• Encourage the economic well-being and expansion of existing business enterprises located in the community of Aitkin;

• Responsibly assist in the development of properties within Aitkin with the aim of improving the aesthetics of the town of Aitkin and its surroundings while providing additional income; and,

• Examine ordinances, policies and practices to determine their impact on existing and proposed business ventures.

In 2017, the chamber’s economic development committee began working with APEX to develop a strategic plan for the committee. The main growth opportunities were identified and the committee began to reduce the identified targets. Some of the goals and opportunities committees have worked since then:

• BRE – Business Retention and Expansion Visits, where businesses are interviewed to identify barriers to expansion and find solutions.

• Entrepreneur training

• Attraction, including the annual Tour of Opportunities event, where chamber members work with entrepreneurs to provide them with the resources and properties needed to open a business here. Another element of this is the emphasis on expanding broadband in the region – this is an important element in attracting businesses and residents.

• The branding and marketing plan involves working with the CLC marketing team to create logos and commercials for Aitkin. Logos and messaging are complete and will be rolled out in 2022.

• Recreation. The Aitkin waterways have been identified as a huge opportunity for tourism and economic stimulation. Some events have taken place on the rivers, like the successful (and free) Ripplesippi Paddle and Paddle Your Glass Off events. House committees are working with the state of Minnesota to establish a designated aquatic trail in Aitkin, as well as an orientation site on Great River Road, projects that will help with marketing, recognition and funding.

• Beyond the Status Quo is a committee whose objective is to help develop the talents already present in this community. The committee worked with the Blandin Foundation to build a cohort for the 2019 Blandin Leadership Program. Kari Paulsen, in particular, was instrumental in bringing this program to Aitkin.

• Lodging

• Workforce (this is a specific target for 2022)

• Members of the Legislative Outreach Chamber saw the need to connect economic players with lawmakers, as well as the need to really show lawmakers that Aitkin must be a priority for them. This is what inspired the House’s annual legislative luncheon.

To learn more about the Aitkin Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Committee, visit www.aitkin.com.


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