Why tax and accounting services are essential

Taxes and accounting are the fundamental pillars on which the economy of any country is based. Tax is the money that individuals and businesses owe to the governments in which they earn money. The tax payable varies depending on the size of the income, the nature of the income and how the money earned is spent.

Accounting means keeping an account of income-expenses, also known as assets and liabilities of a business. Accounting involves maintaining up-to-date balance sheets to keep an eye on the financial health of a business.

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Tax and accounting services are important for businesses and individuals

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Maintain clean and correct financial records

Hiring a professional firm for tax and accounting services helps maintain clean and error-free financial records. Some people may try to keep their own accounts or fill out tax forms themselves. However, good accounting requires professional knowledge.

In addition, the calculation of tax payable, applicable tax deductions, etc., requires in-depth knowledge of the latest events in the field. Such in-depth knowledge can only be provided by a professional who is committed full-time to this field.

Maintaining clean and correct financial records is of the utmost importance to avoid falling under the scrutiny of government authorities. Therefore, hiring tax professionals goes a long way in ridding business owners and individuals of legal hassles.

Maximize tax benefits

The net profit of any business is the income that remains after the tax liability has been subtracted from the total profit. Thus, reducing this liability directly increases the net profit of any business. A professional can give specific advice on the best investment firms that can improve a company’s bottom line.

For example, in many countries, money invested in the purchase of infrastructure bonds is exempt from tax considerations. Indeed, infrastructure bonds reap benefits over long gestation periods; therefore, people who invest in it are considered for different types of relief. Similarly, donations to charities and disaster relief funds are eligible for deductions.

A professional is the best person to provide information on deductions. For example, women, minors and the elderly are subject to lower tax rates. Therefore, many people transfer shares or company assets into the name of a woman (the wife) in order to save money.

Integrate accounting software

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Currently, there are accounting software available in the market that helps keep tabs on complex accounting needs. Software such as Microsoft Tally, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, NetSuite, Wave, etc. facilitate a number of activities such as invoicing, payment reconciliation, financial statement generation, etc.

Although a human can perform all of these activities, using such software saves time and reduces the risk of human-made errors. Thus, this software has become a must-have for almost every business. A professional who regularly uses this software is the best person to advise you on which software will be best for a particular business.

Follow the evolution of laws

Accounting practices and tax laws continue to evolve with changing times. For example, taxes on cross-border sales and e-commerce based sales are increasingly under the control of governments around the world. Therefore, if a company is involved in e-commerce based services or has subsidiaries in other countries, a professional will be the best person to provide these updates.

Helps track business growth

Accounts help keep tabs on business growth and efficiency. Balance sheets can be used to calculate metrics such as return on investment (ROI), profit margins, gross income before tax, and more. These metrics are useful for analyzing a company’s growth trajectory.

A business can use these metrics to analyze the performance of its businesses and investments over a specific period of time. After the analysis, profit-making businesses can be prosecuted and loss-making ones must be terminated.

Representation before government authorities

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Companies may make good faith errors when filing forms, or there may be some delay in filing documents with government agencies. In such cases, government agencies may wish to conduct a thorough audit, or the matter may be taken to court.

Professionals understand legal jargon and technicalities better than a general public. Therefore, in such cases, a professional firm is in the best position to save a business from troubled waters.

Increase company finances

Account books are required whenever an organization wants to raise funds for its new projects. If a bank or non-bank financial company needs to approve loans for a business, they will review the accounts for the past year to verify the organization’s ability to repay the loans. Likewise, even angel investors would like to check the books of accounts before investing their money in a new venture.

Thus, correct and up-to-date balance sheets are the best indicator of an organization’s work. Hence, these are the most crucial documents if an organization needs to raise funds in the form of a loan or sell its shares.

Smooth transfer of shares

If an organization undergoes a merger, some shares may need to be transferred; and owners might need to be changed. In such situations, well-kept balance sheets contribute to smooth transitions.

Even people who want to transfer their wealth or property need professional help if they want to minimize legal hassles and make transfers efficiently.

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A business organization might think that hiring professional tax and accounting services will increase expenses; however, it is quite profitable in the long run. When balance sheets are supported, company employees can channel their efforts into other productive activities.

When everyone does what they are best suited to do, the overall productivity of a company increases. This, in turn, increases profit margins and drives business growth. Thus, hiring tax and accounting services can make life easier for individuals, small businesses and also large corporations with cross-border transactions.

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